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The Humboldt-Emeritus, Retired Faculty and Staff Association (Humboldt-ERFSA), working with the statewide organization (CSU-ERFSA), strives to secure and protect the rights & benefits of Humboldt/CSU retirees.

The association works to keep Cal Poly Humboldt retirees connected with each other and with the activities that are ongoing at the Cal Poly Humboldt campus. We have monthly luncheons during the academic year with dynamic and versatile speakers. Presenters include faculty, staff and students affiliated with Cal Poly Humboldt, as well as the occasional community members.

All California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt retirees who are CALPERS annuitants, any Cal Poly Humboldt emeritus faculty or staff, and CALPERS annuitant retirees from other CSU campuses, are eligible for membership in this Association, as well as encouraged to become members in the CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association. 

To join Humboldt-ERFSA, please pay electronically at:

Applying for Emeritus Status

Retiree completes: Humboldt-University Senate: Informational Template for Emeritus Status.

Retiree’s Nominator completes: Fall 2023 Humboldt Staff & Faculty Emeritus Nomination form.

Nomination letters are due September 1, and February 1.

Faculty Handbook: Section 540:Emeritus Faculty and Staff Policy

Emeritus status may be granted to any currently retired academic, administrative, staff or faculty if they have a written nomination from their former department personnel committee, Department Chair, or Supervisor in their former academic unit or working unit ; or the Cal Poly Humboldt-Emeritus, Retired Faculty and Staff Association (Humboldt-ERFSA) can nominate them when their previous supervisors or department chairs are no longer employed or in a position to nominate them verifying they meet the criteria for emeritus status:

  • retirement from the Cal Poly Humboldt;
  • having provided ten or more years of full-time service or its aggregated equivalent at this campus; and
  • meritorious contributions to teaching, scholarship, and/or service to Humboldt/CSU.
  • A history of conduct or behavior that contravenes basic university policies or the university purpose, vision or core values and beliefs, including serious criminal offenses, fraud, or Title IX violations, is cause for denial of Emeritus status. Individuals involved in ongoing investigations for such conduct or behavior are not eligible for emeritus status until the conclusion of the investigation(s). 

Awarding Emeritus Status: The Cal Poly Humboldt University Senate, Humboldt-ERFSA and Provost Office "Vetting" and Notification Process

Benefits of Emeritus Status at Cal Poly Humboldt

In accordance with Email Policy P21-01, Section I.E.: Retired faculty and staff with an official emeritus designation may retain their individual employee email accounts as long as their accounts remain active (defined as accessing the account at least once a year and not allowing the password to expire). 

So far as space, resources, and priorities permit, Cal Poly Humboldt offers amenities to assist emeriti faculty, staff and administrators in their scholarly or professional pursuits, including but not limited to: the assignment of an appropriate office space if available, and access to equipment or services; the right to compete for research grants through the Sponsored Programs Foundation; use of the library; attendance at department faculty meetings as ex-officio, non-voting members with floor privileges; the same discounts for use of academic resources such as books and software as active faculty; eligibility for the appointment and/or election to faculty committees; and free parking. Emeritus faculty, staff, and administrators are also encouraged to become members in the CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association, as well as the Humboldt ERFSA (

Cal Poly Humboldt Emeritus Status ID

There are two ways to get your Cal Poly Humboldt Faculty Emeritus Status ID.

  1. At the library’s front desk ask for an emeritus faculty ID. The staff looks up your emeritus status & then they will print you an ID. The library hours vary. 
  2. Online--the instructions link is:

How to obtain parking permit

Emeritus Faculty may obtain an Humboldt free Parking Permit by sending an email in advance to or requesting a parking permit at the Humboldt Parking Kiosk. You must bring your Humboldt Emeritus ID to show the Parking staff to get your free parking permit.

group of erfsa standing in a group at Septentrio

 Donors group with Humboldt ERFSA ExCom and Cal Poly Humboldt administrators

Meeting/Event Schedule:

September 12: Honoring Rowing Coach Weise, Assistant Coaches Hyland & Donnell & crew students. Journey to the National Rowing Championship and Invitation to the White House's Inaugural College Athlete Day.

October 10: AVP Michael Fisher, Facilities Management & CNRS Dean Eric Riggs. Status oCal Poly Humboldt’s Physical Planning and Projects.

November 14: Cal Poly Professor Emerita Betsy Watson, UC Davis Retired Professor Mark Thurmond and Humboldt County Growers Alliance Policy Director Ross Gordon. The Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative: A Controversial Voter Initiative that will appear on the March 5, 2024, Ballot.;

December 12: Executive Director Emma Breacain. Humboldt Literacy Project

How to join

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To join Humboldt-ERFSA, please pay electronically at: Cashnet or send your check to the Cashier’s Office, SBS 285, 1 Harpst St, Cal Poly Humboldt, Arcata, CA 95521. Semester dues are only $25.00 to help defray the cost of advertising, mailings, socials, and other miscellaneous expenses, you can also opt to pay for the entire year, by using the "Quantity" drop down menu to the left of the amount, shown below:

screenshot of payment form

You can click the down arrow and will be able to pay for up to two (2) semesters at a time.


To join CSU-ERFSA please go to CSU-ERFSA Membership. CSU-ERFSA dues range from $5 to $10 per month depending on the retiree's gross monthly retirement benefit from CalPERS (or in a few cases STRS). A portion of these dues is returned to the member's local affiliated campus retiree organization if any. The membership information page includes more details and a membership application. For more information visit

Executive Committee Members

The day-to-day operations of Humboldt-ERFSA are carried out by the Executive Committee, which is composed of volunteer members of the association.

Humboldt-ERFSA Executive Committee Members

Marshelle Thobaben, Emerita Professor, President, and Cal Poly Humboldt University Senate Representative

Susan Dobie, Emerita Lecturer, Development Chair

Bernadette Cheyne, Emerita Professor, Program Chair

Jeffry Borgeld, Emeritus Professor, Membership Chair

Ken Fulgham, Emeritus Professor, Treasurer

James Floss, Emeritus Lecturer, Communications Chair

Frank A Whitlatch, Cal Poly Humboldt Administrative Liaison

Contact individual Humboldt-ERFSA Executive Committee Members by clicking their names above.

You may also use this link to contact the entire Executive Committee.